Tracked Robots are a versatile and safe solution for today’s challenging sites.

Astrak supply heavy duty rubber tracks for many robotic machines from manufacturers such as Brokk, Husqvarna and McConnel for their Robo-Cut and Robo-Flail machines.

Our market-leading rubber tracks allow demolition robots to easily climb over rubble and tackle adverse ground conditions without issue making them the prefered choice for many operators.

Similarly our rubber tracks allow grass mowing robots maintain traction on difficult terrain and steep bankings.

When you buy our rubber tracks, you buy quality; our continuously wound inner cords with no joins are stronger, our short pitch core bars reduce vibration and wear and tear and our hi-tech rubber compounds are tougher.

Continuous Development

Astrak have an ongoing program of continuous product development which ensures we keep ahead of new machines and technologies available; this ensures that we can advise you of the most cost-effective track option for your robotic site machinery.

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