DuraLine Plus Rubber Pads

Astrak have been supplying rubber pads for steel tracked excavators for almost 10 years and over that period have supplied more than a million pads for a wide variety of machines in many applications. As the market has become more competitive and costs have been driven, quality likewise has been driven down with more and more recycled rubber and filler being commonly used in standard quality rubber pads.

While for many applications, this reduction of quality is acceptable as representing value for money our experience is that many operators are now looking to return to a better-quality product that will offer a life similar to OEM quality pads. Driven by this need in the market place we set about looking for a new source of premium quality rubber pads that would perform as well as the original.

After two years of research and development and with the help of a specialist Malaysian rubber company, we have designed a comprehensive range of pads manufactured from premium quality abrasion-resistant rubber, suitable for a wide range of machines and applications. Independent test results show that these pads offer more than 52% increased durability compared to standard quality rubber pads.

DuraLine Plus is just the product the market has been asking for.

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The DuraLine Plus Roadliner Pad is a chunky one-piece vulcanised pad which bolts directly on to the steel track chain.

The strong internal steel core is specially treated to ensure excellent bonding during the vulcanisation process and is fully encased in rubber to prevent any possibility of damage to finished surfaces. The abrasion-resistant, anti-chunking rubber compound ensures excellent durability and consistent wearability.

Ideal for machines from 4T to 26T for a wide variety of applications including rail infrastructure work, individual pads can be replaced quickly and inexpensively as required.


The DuraLine Plus Clip-on pad has been designed for ease of fitting and longer life. With a fixed bracket at one side and a secure clamp fitting on the other, this pad has been developed in response to a demand for a heavy-duty pad that can be used to quickly convert a steel tracked excavator to operate on finished surfaces without risk of damage.

The practical design ensures that pads fit perfectly into the track shoe profile, preventing movement both vertically and horizontally and therefore preventing stones and other debris building up between the pad and the track shoe. The fixed bracket on one side enables the pads to be fitted quickly from the outer side of the machine and reduces fitting time by almost 50%.

Available in a variety of widths from 400mm to 800mm, DuraLine Plus Clip-on pads are the ideal pad to maximise machine flexibility and minimise downtime.


The DuraLine Plus Bolt-on pad offers an excellent solution for converting steel tracked machines
to rubber pads for working on finished surfaces on a semi-permanent basis.

The rubber pad is secured firmly to the steel track shoe with four bolts and this extremely robust fixing method along with an excellent profile fit, prevents any movement of the rubber pad.
The abrasion-resistant, anti-chunking rubber compound ensures excellent durability and consistent wearability.

This pad style is available in widths from 400mm to 600mm and is suitable for excavators from
4 to 26 tonnes.